In my stained-glass works and my sculptures the bodies and floral motives present non-conventionnal curves to highlight the artistic sense. These symbolic shapes are in harmony with colors, textures and movement. To emphasize the message, I use superimposed images and the transparency of the glass. Empty spaces are intergrated to the piece of stained-glass to symbolize the silence and a new perspective to my work. Occasionaly I integrate mirror pieces to allow interactivity with the space.


For a number of works, the use of various techniques of fusion to include in these stained-glass windows, forms, and varied textures. The action shape of mussels specific to each work and cook the glass at high temperature helps to create very specific effects at the level of transparency, relief and colouring of light. A few works from these techniques are presented in the Photo Gallery of this site. VIDEOS


The light crosses the glasses and the color appears. The invisible was born the matter, energy, and spirit.